Litters - Puppies for Sale

All the puppies listed on this page would receive a pedigree by The Israel Kennel Club
Puppies will be handed over at two months at the least, vaccinated, chipped and after club's inspection.
Ask to see the inspection's form before purchase
These are the puppies we have to offer at the moment, haven't found what you're looking for, We'd love to help. Contact Us!
Currently we don't have any litters / puppies for sale
 Our breed is unique and special so it's no wonder there are only about 2-3 each year (all around the country from all variants)
We have breeding expectations (with no promise of pregnancies and/or litters), so  you are welcome to keep in touch,
Though re-visiting our website and/or registering though our mailing list, writing us an e-mail.
If you're interested in bringing a puppy from abroad will be happy to assist as well. 
This page will be updated - we promise! - when we have actual relevant litters.
In case your'e interested in adult black/harlequins 
You can contact Alona Onohova who had a litter in the past
and might still have adult dogs available for loving homes.
Naturally the dogs passed club's inspection and have pedigrees.
Phone: +972-54-212-15-12
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